Fate of Saga is a tactical turn-based RPG game on Binance Smart Chain. The game is sci-fi, fantasy with a unique gameplay style with a variety of team play. Characters, weapons, and companions can be minted to be NFT assets and trade worldwide. Outstanding graphic design and fun game stories are well presented on a mobile game, initially.


Unique 3D characters with five classes are well raised for choose. There are Hero, Fighter, Ranger, Tank, and Support. Each class has their outstanding point with difference characters skill.


Finally, the greatest bloody mess war will be recorded in history soon. The terrible attack of the robot army from another dimension is still a mystery. Where do they come out? When will the war end? There are 4 worlds in the story; Human world, Monster world, Robot world, and Darkness world which covers some parts of Human world, Monster world, Robot world and it is the gateway that connects the three worlds. The expected research about the gateway brings the conflicts among the worlds and mystery power to the Human world. FOFS organization is established for doing research about mystery power and protecting the attacking from robot armies.